Week 4

Reading and Analyzing Movies

This week I read Roger Ebert’s “How to Read a Movie.” In this article, Ebert talked about a few rules of thumb that are used when analyzing movie scenes. He talks about how he goes through movies and freezes the screen at random moments to look at the different aspects of the screen. He looks at the camera angle, the lighting, the positioning of the characters, as well as the relationship between the foreground and the background.

I also watched two videos about camera angles and different editing techniques. Both videos were very interesting and taught me about different choices that filmmakers can make when creating their movies and videos. I especially liked the video about the different editing techniques because it was geared toward techniques that beginners can use. Since I am a beginner when it comes to creating videos and making editing decisions, I found it very helpful and informative.

You can check out my posts where I talk about these points in more detail:

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This week I did two assignments:

What’s Your Skills?

Classical-Modern Mashup

I really enjoyed completing both of these assignments. What’s Your Skills gave me a chance to explain just one of the events that horseback riders can take part in. It was fun for me to be able to share my passion for show jumping with others. The Classical-Modern Mashup assignment gave me the chance to have a little fun with current music videos. I was able to take Sia’s Chandelier music video, strip the audio, and add Beethoven’s Fur Elise to create a new track for the video.


Just De Norm
Niftier Nook
No Probllama
Spooky CYB

Daily Creates

Thursday’s Daily Create this week involved creating something, an image, a gif, etc., having to do with being nervous. I ended up choosing to create a meme where a horse was saying to calm down. I chose to do this because when I am nervous or stressed, horses tend to help me mellow out a bit.

Another daily create, Friday’s, that I did required me to create a movie poster for a film dealing with mermaids who were going to repair the Brooklyn bridge. I simply chose a photo of the Brooklyn bridge and added a picture of a mermaid with the title of the movie, “Mermaids of Brooklyn.”

For Saturday’s daily create, I was supposed to take a look at the Upworthy Generator and create my own boring news headline. I looked at quite a few headlines from the generator to get an idea of what I was doing and then I ended up creating my own snooze-worthy headline.

Finally, on Sunday, the Daily Create asked us to use Fotogenerator to draw ourselves, our dog, or our cat and see what the generator created. I attempted to draw my dog and thought I did a fairly decent job considering I’m not the greatest at drawing on a computer. However, seeing what the Fotogenerator did to the drawing, I’m not so sure I did a good job.





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