Show Jumping

This week one of the assignments I chose to do was What’s Your Skills? It was worth 4.5 stars. The goal of this assignment was to show the world something you have a passion for.

I chose to show a video of my horse’s first show jumping round she ever did. During a show jump round, the horse and rider combo are timed from the time they start to the time they finish. At this particular show, the stopwatch is started when the pair rides through a set of two orange cones, and it is stopped once the ride through another set of orange cones. The goal is to finish the course in the time allowed so as not accrue time faults, and to not have any refusals — the horse does not jump — or any poles knocked to the ground. If either of those two things occurs, the pair accrues jump faults. Both time faults and jump faults are added to your score, which is not ideal because you want a low score. I chose this particular video because it showed not only something that I am passionate about, but it also showed that not all a rider’s show jump rounds can be perfect, as you will see at 1:08.

My horse was a five year old when she had this event and it was the first show she had ever been to. It was down at the Virginia Horse Center in Lexington, Virginia. The Virginia Horse Center is a large facility that hosts many shows throughout the year.

Take a look at her first jump round.

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  1. This was really cool! I never actually knew what show-jumping was. In high school I had a lot of friends who took care of and rode horses but I never really knew anything about competitions. I could tell just by your detailed description of show-jumping that you’re definitely passionate about it. The tidbit about it being your horse’s first show made me want to know more about her. 🙂
    The video was great quality and I loved the close shot around 1:25! Gorgeous!

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